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About the Artist



   Heidi Castro embarked on her makeup journey since March of 2011. Being a first generation U. S citizen, she had a dream to make her own impact in the beauty industry. With more than 6 years as a certified beauty guru, Heidi continues to live her lifelong dream of empowering women through makeup, but also in helping women embrace that true beauty resides in one’s soul.


Khalil Gibran once stated, "Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” These words have held a significant impact towards Heidi’s vision. More than helping her client’s feel comfortable in their own skin, Heidi emphasizes that one makes long lasting impressions by whom we are- not what we look like.

Throughout her makeup career, Heidi has achieved numerous milestones. From working on special occasions like quinceañeras, wedding, and proms, Heidi partakes in fashion show makeup sessions too. One of the greatest achievements was her participation as a makeup artist in an Univision seagment, along with working at the Oscars when they partnered with Maybelline.


Heidi’s dreams continue to become tangible, as numerous clients line up to have their one on one session with her makeup techniques and skills. As she has mastered the art of makeup, she rejoices in being able to help women everywhere accentuate their greatest features. For Heidi, it is no longer only about the makeup- it is about telling each client’s story behind every look she creates.


About the Brand

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As of July 2011, Beauty By Rocio came about with the inspiration of creating a whole line of skin care products, not only limited to makeup. Beauty by Rocio, founded by Heidi Castro, began with the vision of bringing forth products that help women of all races, ages, and skin types feel bold and beautiful.

Heidi’s broad vision and increasing passion towards the art of makeup, has resulted in the birth of Mink Lashes. Mink Lashes is the first of many products that represent what Heidi dreamt of since she was introduced to the world of cosmetics. This eyelash collection has been a sensation among women. The various styles allow for you to find the perfect eyelash set for any event. Heidi aims towards introducing even more products in the future.